Missouri (Old Version) Fake ID Front
Missouri (Old Version) Fake ID Back
Missouri (Old Version) Fake ID UV

Description: The MO License is a Flexible card, the back has a 1D and 2D barcode. The license is valid with our without the director's signature above the photo.

Materials: Teslin bonded with PET lamination with the OVD embedded on the inside of the lamination to prevent wear and tear against the hologram.

Term: Expires 6 years from the issue date on birthday.


A Ghost image on the bottom right with overlapping data.

Laser perforations of the state abbreviation "MO"

The drivers license number varies from 6-10 digits with a letter in the first or the fourth position.

There is bright green UV of stars and the state seal on the front of the ID (will pass blacklight test)

An optically variable hologram that spells out "MISSOURI" on the front of the card.

Passes the bend test with ease!