How to Use Custom Domain System

  1. Navigate to your Username in the Navbar menu
  2. Select “Custom Domain”
  3. Notice that you can select from 6 domains in the dropdown menu
    -You can create as many custom sub-domains as you want.
  4. Personalize your custom domains however you want
    -You can name them anyway that is most helpful for you
  5. Share the links with your customers/resellers under you
    -They can make single ID orders or order for large groups. Theres no limit on group sizes or required minimums!
  6. Once your customer fills out the form and checks out, an order number will populate on your “My Orders” page.
  7. You can view every order that’s submitted under each domain you’ve created by navigating to Custom Domain panel and selecting “View Orders”.
  8. Pay for the order as you normally would and it will be processed!

Note: All orders that are placed via custom domains default as BTC orders on your “My Orders” page. You can change it to any other available payment option by selecting the “View/Edit” option for that order and changing it on the Order Summary page. If you need any help, contact us here