How it Works

  1. Register on the site with an email and password.
  2. Read our FAQ and the Photo Guide.
  3. Go to the Products page and select the state you want by clicking "Order Now".
  4. Fill out all the required information on the order form. All of this info goes on the ID.
  5. Upload a JPG or PNG file of your photo that will go on the ID. It must be less than 2MB in size - the form will not let you proceed if it is larger.
  6. Draw your signature by using the included signature pad or by uploading a well-lit picture of your signature. (If you choose to use a picture of your signature, use a pointed-tip sharpie and draw it on a plain white piece of paper. No lined paper!)
  7. Make sure all of your info is filled out correctly! You can make edits to your order before you pay. Once its paid we can’t edit info
  8. You will be directed to the next page, which is your cart. If you want to add more IDs, simply add more IDs till your order is complete. We can fulfill any size order, from the big to the little!
  9. Once you are finished, select your preferred shipping then click checkout.
  10. Fill in your shipping information & select your payment method. Make sure your address is complete before checking out.
  11. The site will tell you exactly how much BTC to send and to what address it must be sent.
  12. Send the specified amount and wait for about an hour for your transaction to get confirmed by the bitcoin network.

How To Use Bitcoin

If you selected Bitcoin (BTC) as your payment method then read below

  1. On your account page there will be a BTC amount and a BTC address/QR code.
  2. Most BTC wallets allow you to simply scan the QR code then you input the amount to send. - (ex. Cash App, Coinbase, Electrum, Blockchain Wallet, etc)
  3. If your BTC wallet does NOT have this feature then simply copy the BTC address from your account page and paste it to your wallet’s address field.
  4. Next, copy the amount of BTC our site requested and paste that into the amount field. (where it asks for the amount to send).
  5. Send your payment and wait about an hour for the BTC transaction to confirm.

Note: Since sometimes BTC’s network gets overloaded due to increased usage, we urge you to add $2-$3 to your payment to prevent your transfer from potentially taking hours to days to confirm. The extra few dollars will help the order confirm much quicker.