Every fake ID site offers discounts to those that bring group orders but not everyone has the ability to organize them or the willingness to take that kind of risk. We've come up with an alternative way to make money that mitigates 99% of the risk you’d take with reselling IDs.


Now introducing the Evolved Affiliate Program!

This is the simplest way to make money using our site and no one else offers it. All you have to do is spread word about our site to people looking for IDs by sharing a custom invite link!

How it Works

  1. Register or Login if you already have an account.
  2. Click the "Become an Affiliate" Button below.
  3. Navigate to your Username dropdown menu and select “Affiliate Panel”.
  4. Get familiar with your Affiliate panel.
  5. An Affiliate link will display on your panel.
  6. Share your invite link to anyone that is looking for fake IDs.
  7. The link will get them a 10% discount on their first order.
  8. Any sales generated from accounts that register with your Affiliate link will automatically earn you a 10% split of the profits and be credited to your account.
  9. We will pay out Affiliates in BTC bi-weekly (every 2 weeks).
  10. Enter a valid BTC address on your Affiliate panel to collect your earnings :)

That's it!

  • All you have to do is join below then share your custom link with as many people as possible to increase your chances of earning!
  • Just imagine if a few of the people you refer become big time resellers for our site! You could earn up to hundreds or thousands of dollars in extra income just by sharing a link!
  • Text it, DM it, post on SnapChat/Instagram/YikYak or hand out business cards with your link to people around your campus to get your code out there earning you money!