Each person will receive 2 IDs at no additional charge.

Yes, tracking will post to your My Orders page under your order status. It will replace the RTPcompleted status once posted.

Order turnaround starts as soon as your order status displays as Payment Received. Each states average turnaround time is listed on the Product page.
Orders typically arrive in about 3-4 weeks from when payment is received.
We provide step by step instructions on the "Photo Guide" page for help with taking pictures. We edit the photos every time but there is only so much we can do. If half your face is darker than the other because of a shadow, it won't be fixed. Make sure to submit as good of a pictures as you can. (2 MB limit)
If you’re not happy with your ID there must be a specific reason! If the information is wrong that is on you because everything you put in our form is what goes on the ID. If the information does not match what you put then we can reprint the order. If its a bad print (bad quality, bubbles etc), please submit a ticket with a picture shared via imgbb in the ticket so we can take a look. If its bad we will send out a reprint. No refunds will be given in ANY situation! You get what you bought! No returns/No refunds
We believe for the service and quality we provide that our prices are very fair! We are the best when it comes to customer service and making a great ID!
Reseller rates are our best prices. We offer two great programs that give you a choice on how you want to make money with us so take advantage of it!
Check out our Affiliate Program & Reseller Program!

1. Access Zelle through your banking app or with the Zelle app. Get started by enrolling your email or U.S. mobile number through your mobile banking app or with the Zelle app.

2. Pick a person to pay. Enter the preferred email address or U.S. mobile number of the recipient. (We will provide this after you checkout)

3. Send us the amount that our site requested through Zelle. Make sure to screenshot your Confirmation/Reference number for later.

4. Go to your account page then click the “View Order” button for your order.

5. Input the requested information on our site then click submit.

6. Wait for your order status to update.

Watch this or read the Pay Guide

Make sure to pay the exact amount that our site requests! If it is short, your order will not be made! If you fail to send the correct amount you risk losing your BTC and order if it goes unnoticed by you!

Note: Please send BTC, LTC, BCH in one transaction. Failure to do this will delay your order.

Yes! All of our ID's the have correct holograms on them and look identical to its authentic counterpart. Our products are as close to 1:1 as it gets!
Yes! All our ID's have the correct UV colors and information! All our ID's we make have all their respective features that a real one would have!
Yes, all of our ID's have scannable barcodes and encoded Magnetic Strips. So they can be swiped or scanned!

Our IDs scan on all apps including BCS, Show-Me ID app, PDF417 & Intellicheck!
Yes. Use Zillow to find a valid address in your selected state that is easy to remember.
No, the site automatically adds in the state abbreviation based on what state you selected at the top of the order form page.
No, we do not make up information for you. If you put nothing on the order form, your ID will have no information rendering it useless.
You have 2 weeks to pay for your order before it gets deleted from our servers! Make sure to get payments in as soon as you can for the best service!
Yes, we ship worldwide!
N/A: Your order has not been paid yet. If you paid and this status still shows after 48 hours please submit a ticket via our Contact page

Placed/Payment Pending: Your order is placed and will be made once your payment is received (Allow 2-5 days for it to change to RTPcompleted)

Payment Information Submitted: Your payment is being picked up/verified by our payment processors. Once received your order will be marked as Payment Received.

Payment Failed: Your payment transfer failed. Please submit a ticket via our Contact page with your order number and proof of payment. We will work with you to get it resolved ASAP!

Payment Received: Your payment has been received. We will begin working on your order when we download our next batch.

RTPcompleted: Your order is being worked on and will be shipped out after its produced! (Allow up to 2-4 weeks for tracking to post)

Shipped/Tracking Number: Your order has been dropped off with our shipping agent and is en route to you!
USPS tends to be sporadic with delivery times. Our packages have to go through customs before getting to you and this can delay delivery times a bit. Usually packages arrive about a week after they update on tracking.

Note: If your order doesn't come in our usual turnaround, there is nothing we can do.
Sometimes if we notice that your order has been given a wrong/bad address for you to send btc we will go ahead and delete it before you pay. Also your order automatically deletes if it isn't paid within 2 weeks.
If you ordered with Cash App, Zelle, Venmo, or PayPal and have submitted your payment info, please allow about 1-4 business days for it to be marked as paid. If it takes longer then that, please submit a ticket with your order number to find out whats preventing your order status from being updated.

If your BTC order hasn't confirmed as paid within 24-48 hours, please reach out via the Contact page with your order number. Follow instructions on the Contact page to check back for your replies.
The answer is NO. We DON'T refund money once its been sent. Make sure you're certain that you want one of our fake ids before you pay!
The answer is usually NO. We use full automation when making your ID's meaning any mistakes you see on the ID itself is usually due to incorrectly filling out the order form. You should always double check the order form before adding your ID to the cart. You also have the option to look over your info while its in the cart or on your order overview page after you checkout. If its incorrect, simply edit that ID by clicking the edit button from the cart or delete it from your order and resubmit it.

If your order has wrong information and its due to a site related issue we will reprint in that situation. You can check your order information via your My Orders page by clicking the “View/Edit” button for the order you wish to look over.
Sometimes there are some unforeseen circumstances that delay our process in making your ID's. We try to keep everyone informed through our updates page. Please check there before you submit a ticket please! We also ship IDs from multiple offices so please stay up to date with each portion of your order on your account page.
Using an out of state ID is fine. Most college towns are used to seeing people from all over the world, so an ID from another state is not unusual at all.
We accept BTC, CashApp, Paypal, Venmo and Zelle. Learn how to use each payment with our How to Pay page.

Note: If one of the payment options doesn’t appear on our order form then it is temporarily unavailable