April Updates (Please Read)


Shipping Delays

As most of you can tell we are a bit behind with shipping. We've had some issues with our shipping agent the past week and are working on a resolution. We we're hoping to make an update stating that orders started shipping out again but sadly this hasn't been the case. As soon as we get an update from our shipping agent that packs are going out we will let everyone know.

We know your order is delayed so please be patient with us. Yelling at our customer support agents over ticket/live support will not make it ship any faster. We do NOT offer expedited shipping on any orders. If we did, we'd be expediting all orders just to get our order que cleared out.

We do NOT do refunds even if orders are delayed. This is stated in our FAQ so don't send in tickets asking for that because they will politely be declined. We've been around for 10 years and every time we have any kind of delay we always get caught up.

**Note: Its your responsibility to keep track of your order status. If your order status says N/A but payment shows as received then please Submit a Ticket to our support with your order # so we can look into your order. If your order says Bad Photo Contact Support, Submit a Ticket with your order # so we can tell you who we need new pictures of. Orders with these issues will NOT start until you reach out to us to have it fixed!**

Social Platforms (Reddit, IG, Discord)

We have lost access to a lot of our social media platforms over the past few weeks. If you've been trying to get in touch with us anywhere beyond our website's Contact Page/Live Support, this is why. We no longer have access to our Reddit or Instagram that's linked on the site. We are between web developers right now as well so we haven't been able to update links on the footer of the site. Nobody else has access to those accounts so you won't be scammed but you just won't get a reply there.

If you need to get in touch with us, please use our Contact Page or Live Support if they are online.

We recently lost our discord this month as well. This was just due to a routine check that Discord runs and over time servers get banned if they go against their Terms of Service. We will eventually start up a new Discord but our main focus is getting orders out to everyone.

Thank you for your patience, as soon as things update we will post again!