New Years Update (New Promo)


Happy New Year Everyone!

We are back from the holidays and we will be catching up on everything! If you're order's payment hasn't been confirmed, don't worry. Our processor was offline for the holidays and they'll be going through all orders within the next 48 hours.

If your payment gets marked as "Payment Failed", reach out to us via our Contact Page. Please make sure to retain your tickets tracking ID. This is given to you after you create a ticket. The email function does not work so please don't think we are ignoring you. If you forgot to save your tickets tracking ID then make another ticket and use that ticket moving forward.

We will be catching up on all tickets this week so please give us a couple more days for a reply since ticket volume has spiked since we've been away. Orders have started shipping out again as well. We posted some more tracking and expect a lot more to go up over the next week.

Spring Break Promo Live

Kicking off the new year with an early spring break promo! This code will be valid until 3/31/24

Promo Code: SB2024

Code will make each ID $40 per

Use the code after you check out. You will see a coupon code field on your Order Summary page.

If you're an Evolved Reseller, don't use this code. You get the cheapest rates already!