Updates 7/20: We're Caught up! + Promo Code Inside :)


Hey Fam!

Hope everyone is having a great summer! We have great news for all of our current customers as well as our future customers that are interested in ordering!

We will officially be caught up on all orders after this week!

Overseas Production (Factory 1)

If you've been waiting on an order please check your "My Orders" page now as we've posted tracking for orders up to 7/5. We are now back to our desired turnaround for this factory and it should improve moving forward.

We will be adding more states for this factory in the next month so be on the lookout for those ;)

Overseas turnaround is currently at 2-3 weeks according to our most recent tracking update!

Domestic Production (Factory 2)

All owed/past due orders have been getting made this week. Our supplies took a bit longer to arrive than expected but we got it in and we've been working diligently this week to get everything that we owe out by the weekend!

This includes all CT orders that have been waiting as well as any other orders that haven't been received. If your order says shipped but hasn't been received then you should be receiving your order by next week!

For OPSEC reasons we do not provide tracking for domestic orders UNLESS they have been shipped and haven't been received after a week. This is the only scenario we will provide tracking. This allows us to operate safely so we can continue serving you :)

Domestic turnaround will officially be back to 2 weeks starting next Monday!

500 Server Error Bug

If you've been experiencing a 500 server error when trying to access certain parts of our site please send us a ticket with the account email you login with and on what pages it's happening. We have started forwarding emails to our web developer to pinpoint the issue because it seems to be happening with random users.

We haven't been able to replicate the issue on our side but once we get enough emails the problem should be corrected very soon.


As promised, we are officially starting a promo now that all orders are about to be caught up!

Promo Code: SUMMER50

This code makes each person's ID cost $50 flat!

Each person gets one + a duplicate in every order. Apply the code at checkout or via your my orders page by clicking "View/Edit" for the order you want to apply it to. A promo code field option will display on the Order Summary page.

Note: Group rates do not stack with this code & code does not work for those enrolled in our reseller program.

Thanks to everyone that dealt with us over the last few months. We're happy that all the delays we've had are coming to an end. We will be focusing on adding new states over the next couple months for both of our factories!

If you don't get what you're owed after next week please don't hesitate to follow up with us via ticket. We want to make sure everyone is taken care of :)

Order/Submit Tickets @ https://www.evolvedids.com