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Hey Fam

Here’s some updates since we last posted an update

Factory 1 Orders (Overseas Production)

We have been updating orders with tracking about once a week. We're aware that there are some orders that have yet to update on tracking. They will either be scanning in the next week or so or we will be providing new tracking numbers for those.

We are waiting on a few batches to scan in with our shipping couriers before we post tracking. Orders up to late may should have tracking by the end of this week/early next.

If your order has been stuck with no tracking updates for over 3 weeks please get in touch with us via ticket.  Please follow the instructions on the Contact Page to view replies to your tickets.

Factory 2 Orders (Domestic Production)

All domestic orders that are marked shipped have been shipped out. We are holding tracking for OPSEC purposes but if your order hasn't arrived after being marked shipped for over 2 weeks its because of one of the following things:

    1.    CT Orders are delayed because we're waiting on supplies to land. We should be receiving that this week so all owed CT orders should be shipped next week.

    2.    nTX was delayed because our raised ink printer broke. We have gotten a new one and have been getting all nTX orders out.

Note: nTX will be reopened once all orders are caught up from our Domestic Office

There are about 30+ orders that we noticed that haven't scanned in yet. We are looking into these orders. If they were lost by USPS we will be reprinting and reshipping these out to you. If you think your order may fall into this category, please send us a ticket via our Contact Page.

Tracking will be provided to those if the order is scanned in but hasn't delivered after a couple weeks. There were a few orders like this.

Bad Prints/Barcodes/Copies

If you've gotten a set of bad copies please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We're here to help in the event that this happens. We deal with a lot of volume so sometimes orders get overlooked during printing/packaging process.

We reprint orders that have bad barcodes, bad photo crops, or poor quality. We will need to see pictures of the issue's before we approve for reprints. Send us a ticket with your issue and a link to the images that show your issue. Upload images to Imgbb and share that link with us in your ticket. This makes it a lot easier for us to get you taken care of.

500 Server Error

If you are experiencing a 500 Server Error on your "My Orders" page or any other pages on our site please send us a ticket with the browser you're using and if you're accessing via Mobile or Desktop. This bug has been a pesky one for us and its been hard to replicate so any information will help us get that fixed.

If your missing an order and its been over 3-4 months please get in touch with us via ticket. Your order may have been missed due to it not marking as paid or a bug in our system. If you can provide proof of payment we will gladly get those made for you. It is your responsibility to keep track of your orders.

You can track your orders via your "My Orders" page. Use the FAQ before asking us questions. Order statuses are explained in the FAQ for your convenience.

Hoping to have our domestic office fully caught up by the end of next week. Once we are we have a surprise for everyone ;)

Thanks for your patience with us and for keeping the faith!