Update 5/21: Domestic & Overseas Shipping Updates


Hey fam.. we just want to be completely honest with everyone right now so here are some more updates:

Domestic Office

We are a little backed up at our domestic office. We're currently under staffed due to a couple of our workers being out sick with covid. We still have someone working but orders are going out a bit slower than we expected.

We’re hoping to get everyone back to work this week so we can finally catch up on everything. We had 2 issues that went unnoticed since starting. CT orders were missing some signatures so we had to bug test some things to get them to appear on our side. We sent out some orders without CTs so if you’re missing CT IDs just know we’ll get them done and sent out to you. It didn’t effect every order so that's why it went under the radar for so long.

The other bad news is anyone that’s ordered nTX and hasn’t received, expect another 2-3 weeks till those come in. The motherboard on our printer for raised text was fried during a power surge last week. We ordered a new one but they are saying about 7-10 business days for that to come in. If you have a nTX order that you’re still waiting on them DM us and we can get you some supplemental IDs in the meantime since those are going to be delayed.

Domestic orders are probably at about 3-4 week turnaround because of the things mentioned above. Once our Que is cleared and we’re officially caught up we’ll let everyone know! We know there’s some orders that have yet to arrive so we should have an update on those next week.

Overseas Office

Our overseas office is getting orders out as fast as we possibly can. Our shipping agents are being a bit slow with getting us tracking so please bare with us, we’re posting tracking as soon as we get it. All orders are pretty much printed but due to the volume we’ve had to ship out and the fact that there is still a lock down over there, its been difficult to catch up. We’re hoping this begins to alleviate itself over the next couple weeks.

We updated more tracking as of last night so check your orders to see if tracking is posted. We have cleared all Jan-March orders from our overseas factory as of last night :)

Custom Domains/Resellers

We’ve gotten a ton of support lately over the new custom domain system and we love seeing customers taking a chance and trying us out. If you're a reseller and want to get immediate access to our reseller program, we’re accepting proof pictures of your reselling history to get you approved as a reseller today! Simply send us some proof via Reddit/Discord of your past sales and if it meets our expectations we’ll get you added!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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