Mass Update 5/5: Custom Domains & Shipping Updates


Hey Fam

Sorry for the lack of updates it has been nothing but work on our side this past month so forgive us for leaving everyone in the dark. We have been working on a bunch of things in the background and we’re happy to finally update our customers with what’s been going on :)

Custom Domain Panel

We're excited to announce that our custom domain system is officially live! This feature is specifically designed for our resellers so they can make the most money while doing the least amount of work!

The days of manually filling out every person's information and photos/signatures are long gone! Simply create a custom domain then share the link with your customer/dealers under you. They simply fill out the order form and upload their own pictures/signatures. Once they checkout the order populates under your "My Orders" page just like any other order.

You can create an infinite # of domains to keep things organized. Every domain you create will keep record of any orders that are placed with it. Your customers can place group orders or they can buy individual sets of IDs. With this new system your resellers that work under you can drop ship IDs to their customers directly so they don’t have to take on additional risk of meeting them again

We will be putting up a step-by-step guide under our "Guides" tab next week that explains everything but for now refer to this News Update:

Custom Domain Guide

1. Navigate to your Username in the Navbar menu

2. Select “Custom Domain”

3. Notice that you can select from 6 domains in the dropdown menu
    -You can create as many custom sub-domains as you want.

4. Personalize your custom domains however you want
    -You can name them anyway that is most helpful for you

5. Share the links with your customers/resellers under you
    -They can make single ID orders or order for large groups. Theres no limit on group sizes or required minimums!
6. Once your customer fills out the form and checks out, an order number will populate on your “My Orders” page.

7. You can view every order that’s submitted under each domain you’ve created by navigating to Custom Domain panel and selecting “View Orders”.

8. Pay for the order as you normally would and it will be processed!

Note:  All orders that are placed via custom domains default as BTC orders on your “My Orders” page. You can change it to any other available payment option by selecting the “View/Edit” option for that order and changing it on the Order Summary page.

If you need any help, Contact Us Here

Domestic Shipping Update

All domestic ID orders up to about mid April have been printed and shipped out. We're aware that the order statuses under Factory 2 (Domestic Office) haven't updated since you paid. We have been working on a fix for that the past few weeks but other issues have come up that have kept our dev from applying the update. We will be updating all orders that have been sent out to "Shipped" sometime next week. 

Sorry that these orders took as long as they did. We never anticipated to run into all the issue that we faced since re-opening our domestic office. We had to fix barcodes, driver license #'s, signatures, and bad photo crops from our photo editors since reopening. These issues have since been taken care of and future domestic orders should arrive in the regular advertised 2 week window starting 5/9

We are going to have order statuses fixed in the next week as well so you can track your future order's progress.

Overseas Shipping Update

We've been actively updating tracking over the past few weeks and we’re just about caught up from all orders from January-Early March. We have about 30+ orders from January that have yet to get tracking but they are en route to you! We just haven’t gotten all of our tracking numbers from the company we use so that’s why some orders have yet to see the tracking update on their account page.

All orders from 3/10 and on should be updating with tracking over then next few weeks. The problem right now is that China is in a full lockdown due to COVID-19. This has hindered us greatly from getting packs out in a timely manner. All orders up to 5/1 have been printed but they are slowly going out because of the lockdown. We’re pretty much sneaking packages out at this point. We hope this lockdown is lifted in the coming weeks so we can get all our orders out to you. Once it is we will be able to get back to 3-4 week turnaround times for all IDs produced overseas!

Note: We’re aware of some customers receiving only a portion of their order. We had a bug in our system that prevented CA IDs from being included in our batches. All orders that are missing CA IDs have been noted and we have already printed the ones that are missing. Due to the lockdowns we just haven’t been able to ship them out yet.

Sorry again for the lack of communication on our end, we’re going to get back to our usual ways this month and a promo will be on the horizon as soon as we can get out the rest of our March/April orders. We want to wait till then because we don’t want our older customer thinking they’ve been put on the back-burner.

We appreciate everyone that’s been vouching for us during these slow and difficult times! Our domestic office has improved drastically and the turnaround times will be back to the advertised 2 weeks now that we’ve caught up so if you need an ID in hand faster and don't want to worry about the lockdowns or long waits, order one of the states below! 

Currently these states come from our domestic office: AL, CT, IL, oME, oMO

We will be adding AZ, FL, MI, PA & nTX in the coming weeks.

If you have any questions please send us a ticket via the Contact Page. Make sure to follow instructions on the Contact page to receive a reply from us! All tickets will be answered within 24-72 hours on average.

We hope this helps give everyone an idea about their order's status. Thanks for your continued support <33