Updates 2/19: Barcodes, Shipping, Domestics & Custom Domains


Whats up Fam?

First thing is first, apologies for the lack of updates as of late. We know we've been away for a bit the past month or so. As always, we try to keep all of our customers in the loop as much as possible but we can't always detail as much as we'd like so we can keep our crew safe and packs from being snagged. Here's an update for everything that's been going on in the background the past month!

Barcode Updates

We are aware about all of the apps that recently updated their software to detect fake ids. We've been working all week on fixing our barcodes so they pass again. All barcodes should be up to date for these apps by Monday (2/21). If you just paid for an order, don't worry. We are regenerating all orders that we haven't been printed yet so the barcodes work with those apps.

For those that just received their orders, yours will no longer scan on the apps but that does NOT mean they don't scan IRL. They will still scan at stores, bars, etc. Only the apps updated. So if you're going out, try to see how they are checking before to make sure you don't get yours taken.

Delayed Orders

For everyone that hasn't received their orders from December, we've been plagued by shipping issues (Losses, seizures, etc). We have had to reprint the same couple batches multiple times due to this. These orders should be updating with tracking this upcoming week or the week after assuming all goes well.

We know how frustrating it is that they haven't arrived yet and that's the main reason we've been pretty silent. We want to make sure all old orders are received before we run our next promo. It hurts business but its what we do to try and show that we haven't forgot about those that are still owed.

Tracking Updates

We are going to be posting a lot of tracking in the next few days! Most of January orders should be updated after that. We're aiming to be fully caught up with orders by 3/1 if all goes well. We're grinding hard on our end to make up for the slow turnaround but the things that have delayed us are completely out of our control.

We appreciate your patience with us through the process. As always, if you have questions, please don't hesitate to send us a ticket, chat message on Reddit or PM on Discord about your order if you feel that these updates don't address your issue.

Domestic Options & Custom Domains Update

Due to the barcode updates, domestic fake ids have been pushed back a little longer. We are hoping to have all barcodes for domestic states finished by this upcoming week. We're going to release domestics as soon as those barcodes are fixed! All domestic states will feature 2 week turnaround and absolutely NO customs risk!

Custom domains will roll out simultaneously with domestic states. This will allow you as a reseller to create your own URL's for your customers to order from without giving up the source.

The days of needing to collect information and inputting it yourself are soon to be over. All you need to do is collect money from your clients and pay for the orders they place. Your clients can order groups or singles and have them shipped directly to them safely & discreetly :)

Hopefully this clears up most of the questions we've been receiving. Looking forward to all this happening so we can drop our upcoming Spring Break Promo ;)

If you submitted a ticket to us but aren't able to see the replies, please send us a chat on Reddit or Discord with the email you used to register. We reply to all tickets within 48 hours on average so don't think we are ignoring you. The option on our contact page to submit your email to retrieve tracking IDs doesn't work but we can still access your tickets if you provide us the email.

Follow the instructions on the Contact page when submitting a ticket to prevent any confusion.

Order/Submit Tickets @ https://www.evolvedids.com