Shipping Update 1/8/22


Happy New Year Everyone!

Wanted to give an update on all orders that haven't updated with tracking.

We were hit with some seizures late last month that delayed a good amount of orders. If your order is past the 4-6 week mark then it's most likely being reprinted due to these seizures. Your orders will update with tracking as soon as they've been shipped. We have no way to avoid these kind of things, sometimes customs just gets lucky. All orders have been started being remade. We hope to have those reshipped in the next few weeks.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused anyone!

Thanks for sticking it out with us! Our faster turnaround states should be opening up here as soon as our samples have been printed. Our CS rep will be answering all tickets after the weekend so if you haven't received a reply yet, you will soon.

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