Shipping Update 12/23


Happy Holidays Everyone!

Its been awhile since we've made an update so here's the most up to date news we have!

Shipping/Tracking Update

All orders that have received tracking should have been received at this point or they are close to being delivered. If you receive anything with small signatures or apostrophes in the date please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

We have been reprinting a fair amount of orders due to seizures happening within customs. This in no way affects your receiving address but it unfortunately adds to the turnaround times we advertise. We have no control over what packages get seized and we reprint orders as soon as we know they are lost for good.

If your order hasn't updated with tracking yet, it most likely has been marked for reprints due to seizure. We will be updating more orders in the next week or so with tracking as soon as they scan in. Please be patient with USPS during the holiday season.

Domestic States (Final Update)

All domestic states are about to be switched to our domestic office next week. We've had to do a lot of tweaking on our site to provide you these and we wanted to make sure all is working before we open those up. We will be posting sample images of our new states (FL & TX) next week!

All states from this office will take about 2 weeks from once payment is marked as received!

Reprint Requests

An issue with a batch of orders has come to our attention this past week. Some people are claiming they've received orders with small signatures on them. If your order has a small signature please reach out to us via the Contact Page. Send us your order # and images uploaded via

We will provide further instructions on how to get reprints from there! Our apologies for this mistake but we will make sure to get you what you paid for as we always do :)

Have a happy holiday season and stay safe everyone! Send us a messages if you have any questions