Affiliate Update!


Hey Fam!

Just paid out all of our Affiliates that uploaded a BTC address to pay out to. If you think you were missed please get in touch with me! Thanks for being patient with us on this payment! Sorry it took so long. We needed to fix a few things on our end to pay everyone out, we've just been extremely busy with everything else.

If you’re looking for a way to generate some extra cash and/or stack up some BTC on this dip, you should check out our Affiliate Program now!

Affiliate Program Link:

Simply navigate to your Affiliate panel then share the link with anyone that need IDs. You will collect a split off every order a person that registers with your referral link! Splits are paid out in BTC or Cash App bi-weekly!

Domestic State Update

Due to holidays we aren’t going to have domestics up this week. Thought we could have it all ready for this Monday but still a few more things to workout before we release them. We will make the announcement as soon as they’re ready ;)

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