Tracking Update


Hey everyone!

We updated a fair amount of orders with tracking that we had to reprint due to USPS keeping their head up their ass the last month or so. We are still catching up but all September orders have now been updated with tracking and should have arrived by now

There are a handful of orders that we have noted for reprints because they never moved once they scanned in with USPS. If your order has a tracking number that hasn't updated in a few weeks, please get in touch with us via ticket or through Reddits chat messages. Provide your order number in the message or ticket and we will go from there. If it hasn't updated we will mark it for reprints!

Domestic State Updates

We should have domestic states up sometime late this week or early next week. We have a few bugs to fix then we'll make the announcement as soon as those states are switched to our domestic office :)

Thanks again for your continued patience throughout all these delays. We will continue to get caught up and keep you informed as we get updates! Please make sure to use our one and only URL. Don't get scammed by people pretending to be us. We never take orders over email or PM.. All orders go through our website!

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