Shipping Updates 11/10/21


Sorry everyone for being away for so long, we know this is a bit overdue.

Since our last post a few weeks ago, not a lot has changed. Everything we mentioned in this post has still been affecting us except now its more so USPS delaying orders. We have been dealing with a higher the usual amount of packages that are taking weeks to scan in due to USPS being delayed nationwide. Some packs scan in while others never do. So its been tough on our end because we have to wait longer than usual before we consider the order for reprints.

We haven't updated any tracking in the last few weeks due to these issues but we want you to know that you aren't being scammed. If your order is from September and it hasn't arrived then it was lost by USPS and has been marked for reprints or has been reprinted already. A lot of our reprints from September orders were made but again, we're still dealing with slow scan ins because of USPS. At this point we just have to play the waiting game till things alleviate themselves with USPS.

We understand how frustrating this is for you, its just as frustrating for us because we're doing everything in our power to get you what you ordered. Logistics are just plaguing us these last couple months. We will get caught back up here in the next couple off weeks assuming USPS gets it together.

As packs begin to scan in we will start posting tracking numbers again. We just don't want to post them without status updates to avoid a bunch of questions as to why they haven't scanned in.

Domestic Production Update

We are in the final states of switching over a all of our high volume states to our Domestic office. Domestic states will have 2 week turnaround if USPS ship times return to normal in the near term. We expect domestic states to make up a majority of our orders once available

Upcoming Domestic States: AL, AZ, CT, nFL, IL, oME, oMO, MI, PA, nTX

Order Payment Updates

All BTC orders that didn't automatically confirm should be updated as paid now. If yours still hasn't updated, please send us a chat message with your order number.

Any orders that say "Payment Failed" please send us a ticket with your order number and a screenshot of your payment proof. Upload to and share the link with us. If we see that your payment was sent then we will correct the error on our end.

Reprint Requests

If you received an order with apostrophe's on your DOB/Issue/Exp dates, please send us a picture via imggbb with your order number. Once we see the proof we will have you reorder the same order so we can reprint those for you.

If you received a nTX instead of the oTX please send us a picture via imgbb and replace an order for oTX. Please send the new order number with the image link in your ticket.

We will be going through all of our messages, tickets & PMS but this is a mass update for everything. We will probably be referencing this post in our replies to your messages. This is the most up to date information we can provide while we get caught up due to OPSEC reasons.

We completely understand if you want to hold off on ordering till orders are caught up. We've been around for 6+ years and we always get these things worked out. For those that want to order anyways please make sure to use our one and only site URL below.

We have been replying to our tickets as well now that our Contact Page is up so please don't forget to check your tickets too :)

Order/Submit tickets at