Shipping Delays & Updates


Hey everyone,

Wanted to address the delays that a good amount of orders are currently experiencing along with a few other things. We hate having to do this but we'd rather keep you updated than leave you in the dark.

Worldwide Shipping Delays

We have noticed packages taking noticeably longer to arrive in the US. This has caused delays with tracking getting posted and orders taking longer to arrive than advertised. We have no control over this and its causing turnaround to times to be a little sporadic.

USPS seems to be backed up as well because some orders have been moving slowly or haven't been scanning in as fast as they should. Please be patient with USPS. Once packages are out of our hands, its out of our control. You can contact USPS with your tracking # to get further updates.

Reshipping Issue

Unfortunately it looks like a few batches were lost due to an internal issue within our reshipping network. These batches will be reprinted and will probably take another few weeks to arrive. If you've been waiting about 5-6 weeks then your order was most likely affected. We apologize for the delays on these, we tried to wait things out but it didn't work out in our favor.

Order Form Bug

The photo upload error should be completely fixed now. We made a recent update that seems to have fixed it for all browsers/platforms. If you still happen to have an issue, don't hesitate to shoot us a chat message!

Contact/Customer Support

We recently added up our new ticket system to our website. If you had any old tickets from when we we're on the old site we still have those tickets available but you will need to use a separate link to access them.
If you need to make a new ticket then use the current Contact page on our site!

Thanks for your patience and understanding! Current turnaround is about 5 weeks with the way shipping has been worldwide. We are still running our promo till the end of the month so get your orders in before the code expires!

Promo Code: 45FAM

Note: Please make sure to use our URL only. There is a scammer going around, don't get phished and scammed by a fake site. We never take orders over email!

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