Site Related Issues? (Please Read)


Have any of you been encountering issues with our new site?

Please send us a ticket and request for admin so we can try to get them fixed. Tell us exactly what happens and when the issue appears. We also need to know if you are accessing our site via desktop or mobile and which browser you're using.

Current Issues Mentioned

    1.    Photos won't upload to the order form. They act as if they are uploading but once they seem to finish, the thumbnails do not show on the order form. This has been mentioned in previous posts and we're still working on a fix. It has taken awhile to fix this one because we have struggled to replicate the issue so any messages about your experience helps

    2.    An internal 500 server error has been occurring for some users as they order. This should be a quick fix but we would love to hear your experience with this issue just in case some are experiencing it differently than others.

    3.    View/Edit Order page isn't allowing users to edit their DOB year past 1930. This should be a quick fix and we just discovered this one.

    4.    Paid for an order with BTC and it didn't mark as paid after 24 hours.

If there's anything else that you're dealing with that isn't listed, please reach out ASAP! The sooner you tell us, the sooner we can get it fixed!

Thanks to everyone that has reached out with the issues mentioned above. We will make a post once we think we have them all fixed. As with any new site, bugs are common but we're going to get them worked out. Thanks for your patience with us, we will keep everyone up to date here and on our news/updates section of our site as we fix them!