Venmo Users

Jun 14th, 2021
Due to some impatient customers, our Venmo accounts have been locked because some individuals contacted Venmo about their payments being unauthorized transactions. We now have to burn these accounts and shut down Venmo payments till our new accounts are set up.

If you are paying with anything other than BTC, please be patient. We state in the FAQ to allow up to 72 hours for your orders payment to be confirmed. This 72 hour window does NOT apply on weekends. Our payment processor checks a few times per week so if you can't wait a few business days, don't pay. To whoever did this, congratulations you ruined something great for everyone else.

We should have new Venmo accounts when our new site is launched. For now we're still accepting PayPal and CashApp. BTC is still closed still but will return when the new site is launched!

Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused :/