Update & Offer For Our Delays

Sep 5th, 2020
Before our last reddit account was suspended, we touched on why we can't be 100% transparent about our shipping publicly due to LE lurking on reddit looking for any tips to ID our packages. The post prior to that (linked on our site) detailed as to what happened with a few big batches of our orders. Long story short we had to reprint thousands of IDs last week. These orders should be hitting our reshipper any day now. Once they arrive they will be dispersed immediately and tracking will be posted.

For those that are asking me about eta's on orders, here's the answer that should apply to most orders currently waiting. Most states we offer state 3-4 week turnaround clearly on the product page. Due to COVID-19 slowing shipping down we've seen some orders come in around 5-6 weeks on average. The following states were advertised at 4+ weeks: AL, nFL, GA, NY, VA. These states have been taking up to 8 weeks in most cases.

Due to the recent delays with orders hitting dead drop boxes and other shipping related issues, a good amount of orders from July and a few from late June have yet to be delivered. We are completely aware of how long these orders are taking and we aren't happy about it either. All of late June/early July orders should be included in the next shipping update we make.

Special Offer For Our Slow Turnaround

For those of you that have been waiting 6 weeks or more, we are offering FREE PVC states. These are the states that are listed for $40.

PVC Options: AR, oCT, oFL, oIL, MS, OH, oPA, oRI, VT

These are older states and some require a slightly older age but they still scan and should work for simple gas station runs or small liquor stores. To claim or see if you qualify follow the instructions below:

To see if you qualify: PM us your original order number. If you're order was marked as paid 6+ weeks ago, you qualify for free PVC states.

If you qualify then go ahead and order all the same people you had in your original order and select any of the above PVC states.

Once you place the new order, PM us in this format:

Original Order #: Order xxxx

New Order #: Order xxxx

Once we get that info we will mark your order and get them made with the next batch that goes out. These states arrive in about 1-2 weeks once marked on our end.

When we get word that our reshippers are getting orders out, we will return with another update. For those that just ordered 2 weeks ago or have been on RTPcomplete for a couple weeks, please be patient. If you need your shipping address updated please PM me ASAP so we can try to get that updated in time.