Teslin 1 & 2 Order Updates

Jul 24th, 2020
This is long overdue for some of you that ordered from us in June. If you have Teslin 1 IDs from your order that are stuck on RTPcomplete or you only received a portion of the Teslin 1 IDs then read on:

The following states have been taking us a bit longer to make: AL, nFL, GA, NY, VA

If you ordered any of these states, our apologies for the increased time to receive those IDs. A lot of those orders were shipped to the US early this week so they should be going out sometime early next week. We have a list of all the orders from June that are still showing as RTPcomplete. If you see your order number just know we haven't forgotten about you.

16797, 16801, 16805, 16809, 16842, 16871, 16875, 16887, 16888, 16900, 16908, 16910, 16929, 16935, 16961, 16977, 16987, 16997, 17000, 17041, 17047, 17053, 17074, 17078, 17080, 17085, 17098, 17110, 17116, 17146, 17169, 17204, 17244, 17311, 17340, 17341, 17352, 17359

Use CTRL+F to find your order number

When we released the states mentioned above, we we're under the impression that our crew could keep up with the current turnaround times of about 3-4 weeks. Clearly that wasn't the case and we are considering removing these states off our site till we get solid reasons as to why these states are taking an additional 2-4 weeks. Some of them have a longer process to make them but it shouldn't have caused this much of a wait. Tracking for the above order #'s should update sometime late next week if not sooner.

Overdue Teslin 2 IDs

As we mentioned in prior posts, ME/MO IDs that have been owed for the last few months were all forwarded to our Teslin 1 office. All of them show as RTPcomplete on my end. If your status show as cancelled, the site is pulling the wrong status. Please don't think we're brushing your orders off to the side. They should be updating with tracking sometime late next week.


If you are given anything besides an email for you to send money to, its a link. Copy and paste that link into your browser and you should be able to pay for your orders with ease. We will be replacing all the links with their respective emails to cut down on the confusion. Sorry about this, slipped through the cracks when we were adding the accounts on our end.

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up about this because these have been the common questions as of late. Hope everyone is having a great summer and if you need IDs before college then place your orders now. If not, place them once you know your new address so they arrive by the time you get back to school ;)