Status Update On Orders :(

Sep 9th, 2020
Was waiting on good news last week but unfortunately the packs we we're expecting to receive we're seized. You guys can check the news about this too, it's all over. There have been a lot of seizures recently and vendors like myself, FYD & a few others have all been affected by it.
The good news is all orders up to last week have been printed, we're just testing out a new way to ship to make sure we don't lose another 10,000+ IDs shipping them over. The upcoming election has customs cracking down more just because they think they are preventing voter fraud by taking away IDs from kids that want to drink.
Our test package should be arriving any day now. If it arrives successfully then the rest of orders will be shipped out late this week to our reshippers. Once they get through customs they will be sent out to you.