Some Updates 4 U :)

Apr 8th, 2021
Hey fam.. been replying to everyone that's been hitting us up in the DMs & tickets with questions about their order. All PVC orders that have been stuck on "Placed" or "Downloaded" should have updated to shipped today on your account pages. If you're order isn't updating please don't hesitate to reach out via DM on Reddit (u/evolvedidz) or via ticket!


A handful of orders containing AL had to be reprinted because some never scanned in with USPS. They were all reprinted and reshipped yesterday. So if you have been waiting on AL's they are in route to you.

Having issues? Reach out!

If you have a problem with your order not updating, tracking your order or any other issue, please DM us or submit a ticket with your order number and problem and we can get you taken care of. A handful of orders ended up going to wrong locations and we had to reprint for those. Our website going down brought on a lot of issues for us which we've been addressing over the past few weeks. That's the reason for our spottiness on here lately.

If you are looking to place and order, now is the time! We still have our $50 promo going!

Limited uses left for this code, use it while its active!


Big thanks to everyone for being so patient & understanding with us through the tough times these past couple months. We are back on track and working on improving the site this month for an updated look sometime in May. Once our new site is implemented it will be one of the easiest to use and offer more functionality than ever before!