Shippiing & Subreddit Update

Oct 2nd, 2020
Hey fam,

Orders have started to update with tracking on your account pages. Batches of orders are still being received by our reshippers and orders will continue to update with tracking over the weekend and next week. We expect to be all caught up by the end of next week. June & July orders should be updated with tracking sometime next week. They hit our reshippers late this week.

Please stay up to date with your account page. Your tracking numbers will display under "Teslin 1" once they are posted.

Subreddit Update

Just found out that our subreddit was banned. Sucks since we just hit 1100 subscribers but we've started a new one. We will add new rules to the new sub that prevent order numbers from being posted so there's no reason for a ban in the future.

New sub is r/fakeidspott

Its still under construction so please don't post anything till we put up the rules and new sticky posts explaining how we have to post from now on.