Roll Call for Late Orders/Updates

Nov 18th, 2020
Just went through all my messages that came in for me and found out there was a few missed orders from the last PVC batch. If your PVC order has been marked as shipped and has yet to come in please DM me your order # and I'll check. Just marked a bunch of orders for reprints that were skipped.

*Note: We prefer the chat messages over PM on Reddit. Seems like they don't get missed as easily as PMs do*

Teslin 1 Orders

Most orders now have tracking posted on your account pages. There are a handful of orders from Aug/September that haven't updated but that batch was received by our reshippers recently. Those remaining orders will update this week once our reshippers get them out. If you are missing AL, FL, GA, NY, VA states from your orders please pm me which you're missing and the order number its from. Its most likely in this batch that was received this week.

All orders are caught up after that and tracking for October orders have started to post. All Teslin 1 orders have been updated to paid that were stuck from the past week. Just was away from everything for about a week. Turnaround for all teslin 1 states that are for sale are back to their normal 3-4 week turnaround.

Teslin 2 Orders

If you haven't received your Teslin 2 order, please pm me your order number. I'm getting tracking updates on those tomorrow from our domestic office. Orders were spit up into two packages when we sent to our reshipper so some took a little longer to go out.

All paid orders will be updating to "In Progress" this week.

New Payment Options & Site Upgrades

Zelle has been added to our site in the past week, Venmo will be getting added in the next couple of days :)

Our affiliate program has been rolled out. This is for those that want to make money with our site but don't want to take the added risk of reselling. Check out our affiliate program on our site to learn more. Make money by simply sharing a code with your friends!!

Custom domains are almost finished up as well. Resellers will now be able to have IDs shipped to their customers individually or in various groups. No longer do you have to receive a whole batch and distribute them. No more collecting information and pictures, simply send the customer your custom domain and when they submit their order, the info will populate automatically on your reseller panel!

Sorry for my hiatus. I'm back to my usual self. If i haven't responded to you in weeks, please DM me to get a reply. Comments get lost in the shuffle over time.