Recent Setback, Updates, Advice for Users

Aug 23rd, 2020
Hey fam,

just wanted to give another update as to whats going on with late orders/orders taking longer than their avg turnaround time.

This past weekend we noticed that a fair amount of orders that went out had no updates on tracking after awhile and we're fairly positive these packages aren't going to move due to everything going on with USPS and them limiting drop boxes this past week. Since we think those aren't going to update we have to reprint and we've already begun that process this week. All orders that are getting reprinted should be finished by Thursday (8/27) then shipped out to our reshippers again to be dropped.


A lot of you message me questions throughout the week that are listed in the FAQ. While we love talking to all of you, keep in mind that this slows us down a bit answering the same questions over and over when they can be viewed in our FAQ. If we ever direct you to the FAQ please don't take it as us being rude or short, we just put a lot of work into our FAQ to reduce the amount of questions we get. We try to explain things as easy as possible but with that said it takes a long time to send detailed replies to each and every one of you.

Be sure to read about the states you are ordering including the turnaround time listed for it. On the product page we explicitly state the average turnaround time for each state. Some of you think every state is 1-2 week turnaround and that's simply not the case. If there's a section of the site that states "1-2 week turnaround" for your whole order please lmk so i can remove it because what we advertise on the product page is the true average turnaround time.

If you use the Contact page, please read the directions on the contact page so you know how to view our replies to your ticket. We have a CS rep that works throughout the week that answers all of our tickets. When people say they never got a reply its more than likely because you didn't retain your ticket's tracking ID. My CS doesn't pick and choose who they reply to, so if you feel ignored make sure you did everything correct on your end before bashing our customer service. We work extremely hard to make sure you're nerves are at east and that you get what you paid for :)


Our affiliate program, batch upload and custom domains are getting the final tweaks made this weekend so hoping to have those features up by the end of next week.

Due to the current delays and getting backed up with certain states we have decided to close AL, nFL, GA, NY, & VA till further notice. We don't like the fact that they are coming in 6+ weeks and till we can produce them with 3-4 week turnaround they will remain closed. Anyone that ordered them already will still get made just keep in mind they come in around 5-7 weeks once paid. All states that arrive in 3-4 weeks are still listed on the site.

Our domestic office is still being setup to handle more volume, once its ready we will be able to take on all of our high volume states domestically which will get those states to 2 week turnaround. Our high volume states consist of the following: AL, CT, IL, ME, MI, MO, NJ, PA

We understand our turnaround has been very slow during the pandemic and we hate it just as much as you. We make our money via happy customers spreading our site via word of mouth. The longer it takes for you to get your IDs the longer it takes for our name to spread. We are doing what we can during these times but with USPS being slower than ever due to federal funding being cut its become much more difficult to get IDs in your hands in a timely manner. This is why we are working on our domestic office to take some pressure off our overseas office. We've been around 5+ years so just know that you will get your IDs from us, just stay current with our updates and with us via PM/tickets so we make sure you get taken care of.