Orders Open...Updates Coming

Jun 5th, 2021
So we we're able to keep orders open for the most part other than BTC orders. We will keep our other payment options open for now. We are still going to be updating to a new site in the future so we may have a couple days of downtime in the near term. Rest assured we will inform you when that is going to happen.

All PVC states are being closed down today! It was a good run for those states but the time has come for it to end :/

All Zelle orders will be marked paid in the next couple days. We had a bug on our site where they didn't update as paid after our processor marked them. No need to worry, we got your money if you sent it as instructed. Just have to make sure we get everyone marked correctly once we double check the payments that came in!

Other than that all is well and more tracking will be posting for Teslin 1 orders between now and early next week so be on the lookout for that. Memorial day weekend delayed some packages from arriving when we expected. Thanks for your patience with us through the last couple months!