Order Status Bug

Jun 18th, 2021
Hey Fam, Happy Friday!

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up about their account pages. They're currently displaying every order status besides the tracking number for Teslin 1 orders. Teslin 2 orders will not display tracking until we get our new site launched but they should be updating properly. Anything showing as in progress for Teslin 2 will be shipped out Monday/Tuesday.

If your Teslin 1 order has been on RTPcomplete for a month and you'd like a tracking #, just DM me your order number and we can provide it.

New site is still being worked on but hoping to start testing it this weekend/early next week.


Most PVC orders we're sent out this week but our printers are completely out of service. We have 2 small batches left, about 40 people that still need to be printed. We marked some of these orders as shipped already but they haven't been yet. Thought we'd be able to fix our last working printer but unfortunately we weren't able to make it happen. We sent out everything that we we're able to print. If you get a bad copy in your order, don't worry we will reprint. Just DM me or submit a ticket on our site with picture proof and we'll go from there.

We are going to outsource the remainder of whats owed and get those out next week. Labels have been purchased and RTPs are made, they just need to be printed & packaged.

Thanks for your patience with us, if anyone needs anything we're answering all DMs throughout the week. We're usually offline for weekends so don't be surprised if you don't hear back till Monday.

DM us @ u/evolvedidz on Reddit :)