News Update

Oct 28th, 2020
Got a bunch of updates on orders: PVC, Teslin 1 & Teslin 2.


Most of our PVC orders were held up over the last couple weeks due to a couple printer issues that kept reoccurring. Luckily we have a few but we lost one of them due to a mechanical failure. All PVC orders that have been marked shipped for awhile actually went out this week so if you've been waiting longer than usual, this is why. We mentioned this in one of our previous posts as well but we thought it would be fixed sooner than this week.

Teslin 1 Orders

We hate that we have to say this but anything that hasn't been received yet from late June-August will officially be caught up and sent out in 2 weeks. All orders from these months are being reprinted and have been getting reprinted since late last week. To give you an idea of how many people it is, 3 months worth of orders that had to be remade, thousands of people. We were cursed by customs this year at the worst possible time then a reshipper that wanted to go MIA.
We released a lot of new states, got overloaded with orders due to having one of our best months, then we got hit by seizures. The states we released: AL, FL, GA, NY, VA ended up taking longer in bulk so that exacerbated the entire situation. We're able to handle high volume with the states we currently offer. When we re-release AL, FL, GA, NY & VA again, they will be made domestically & volume will not determine the turnaround with the updates we've been making over the past couple months. Our domestic office will be able to handle any volume once its completely setup.
September orders that have yet to update should update with tracking between this and next week. These were orders that were held up by the reshipper we mentioned in our previous post but we were able to get them out sooner since it wasn't as many orders as June-August. October orders will begin to update late next week and the following week. Turnaround time is now caught up to its usual speed of 3-4 weeks aside from the owed orders mentioned above.
We can't post order numbers but if your order has been stuck on RTPcompleted for months, we know we owe you your original order. Please don't think we are just skipping over you and ignoring your order. If you've noticed, we're barely pushing sales till we get everyone handled.

Teslin 2

We began producing ME/MO domestically on 10/1. Most orders that just updated to shipped last week are being reprinted because we found an issue in our CSV files that contains your ID info to be formatted improperly. We just found the issue this week because those files are just used to automate our process and rarely are effected. These orders along with all recently paid ME/MO orders will be out by end of this week so you should have them sometime next week. After that, 2 week turnaround will be the norm for our Teslin 2 office.
More states will start to be made from our Teslin 2 office over the next few weeks. Just want to be sure everything works properly before releasing publicly

Free PVC State Offer Still Live

If you've been waiting 6+ weeks for your Teslin 1 orders and haven't received a tracking number yet, you qualify for free PVC states.
All you have to do is reorder the same people from your original order selecting from the list of states below. Then DM us in the format given below. We will mark the orders and get them out in about a week or so from when we mark.

PVC Options: AR, oCT, oFL, oIL, MS, OH, oPA, oRI, VT

PM me on reddit or submit a ticket in the following format:

Ex. Original Order: 82xxx
PVC Order: 10xxx

**NOTE: This is for people that have been waiting on teslin 1 orders for 6+ weeks**