Couple Site Issues

Oct 9th, 2020
Haven't forgot about you fam,

We're dealing with a couple site bugs that are preventing us from marking some orders as paid & updating tracking/order statuses. If you just paid recently and it says pending, don't worry we see your payments, just need to update them once this little bug in our panel is fixed. We have our dev working on it right now.


If you are waiting on tracking for your Teslin 1 order, it will be posted once this site bug is taken care of on our end. Hoping to have the majority of orders updated with tracking over the weekend. This should include all orders from June/July/August and most of September orders. Tracking has began posting for august orders already so check to see if you have a tracking number under your Teslin 1 status. You can track those via USPS's website. We will update here once these bugs are fixed and more tracking has been posted.


These are shipping out over the weekend. If your status is showing as in progress it will be shipping out soon. AL will be added to our Teslin 2 office sometime next week :)