• ORDERS CLOSED (Please Read) 25.07.2021

    All orders are closed for the next 48-72 hours while we update our website. If you have submitted an order but haven't paid yet please wait till our new site is open. Once our new site is launched we will open up all states and payment options. We pr...


  • Site Update 7/22 22.07.2021

    After a lot of revisions to our site design these past couple weeks it looks like we are finally going live with our new site next week if all goes as planned.

    We will be closing orders for a few days in preparation for the migration to the new we...


  • Order Status Bug 18.06.2021

    Hey Fam, Happy Friday!

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up about their account pages. They're currently displaying every order status besides the tracking number for Teslin 1 orders. Teslin 2 orders will not display tracking until we get our n...


  • Venmo Users 14.06.2021

    Due to some impatient customers, our Venmo accounts have been locked because some individuals contacted Venmo about their payments being unauthorized transactions. We now have to burn these accounts and shut down Venmo payments till our new accounts ...


  • Orders Open...Updates Coming 05.06.2021

    So we we're able to keep orders open for the most part other than BTC orders. We will keep our other payment options open for now. We are still going to be updating to a new site in the future so we may have a couple days of downtime in the near term...


  • LAST PVC PROMO! ($20 FLAT) 24.05.2021

    Last month for PVC IDs!

    If you want to purchase our PVC states, place your orders now. This is the final month of PVC states being produced. These IDs are old but they're cheap.. $20 flat!

    Get them while they’re available. These are collecto...


  • ORDERS CLOSING S00N! (Pls Read) 24.05.2021

    Due to some frequent bugs/issues with the current site, we want to shut down for the next few weeks so we can focus solely on finishing the new website and getting that launched. We are going to keep orders open for the next week so we can handle tic...


  • To our Reviewers 23.04.2021

    If you've submitted your reviews the way we instructed you and sent us everything we need to verify it on our end, please be patient. We will be checking everything after the weekend. You will still get your instructions on how to get your freebies o...


  • Affiliate Payouts 16.04.2021

    Will be issuing affiliate payouts over the weekend. Been busy this week and wanted to make sure everyone was getting the correct amount payed out.

    If you haven't submitted your cash app, BTC address or venmo then please add that on your affiliate ...


  • Some Updates 4 U :) 08.04.2021

    Hey fam.. been replying to everyone that's been hitting us up in the DMs & tickets with questions about their order. All PVC orders that have been stuck on "Placed" or "Downloaded" should have updated to shipped today on your account pages. If you're...


  • Tracking Stuck/Not Updating? 25.02.2021

    Teslin 1 Orders

    If your tracking number hasn't updated in a few weeks, please DM me your order and tracking number. We had a batch of orders that never scanned in and we've been marking orders for reprints because of this.

    Please get in touch w...


  • Site Troubleshooting & Order Updates 18.02.2021

    Has your order states recently switched from RTPcomplete to NA? If so read below.

    We're currently troubleshooting a site error that caused about 500+ orders to show an incorrect order status for orders from late December to mid January. So if your...


  • PROMO ----> BOGO 27.01.2021

    Right now we're running a $50 promo on everything we offer and we're also offering a freebie in exchange for reviews. So you can effectively get 2 states for $50!

    We haven't had a deal like this in a while so take advantage while its available ;) ...


  • Catching Up On Everything! 13.01.2021

    Haven't been able to get on in a couple weeks because of computer issues. We will be catching up on all unmarked orders, tickets and any other problems that have occurred while we've been away.

    Apologies for the extended absence :/


  • Site Bugs Fixed/ME/MO Update 29.12.2020

    To anyone that was having trouble logging in or checking out the past week, the site bugs have been fixed. Feel free to place your orders if you've been waiting on this update!

    ME/MO Orders

    If your tracking hasn't updated for a few weeks for yo...


  • ME/MO Orders 22.12.2020

    Check your account page if you have been waiting on an ME/MO order to come in for the past few weeks. We just sent out a notification to all users we have noted that haven't received their ME/MO IDs. We also included a free offer in that notification...


  • Account Page Fixes 19.12.2020

    Recently we had a visual bug affecting user's account pages by displaying N/A statuses for all order statuses. This bug has been fixed so your current order status should show correctly now.

    Orders that have paid recently and still haven't marked...


  • Venmo & Zelle Now Accepted! 09.12.2020

    Just added a couple more payment options to our site! We now accept Venmo, Zelle, Cash App and Paypal!

    If you were looking to order from us but hated the idea of having to pay with BTC then this is for you!

    Get 20% off your order with the code ...


  • Who's Left? 02.12.2020

    Teslin 1

    A small amount of orders are still missing certain states or just never ended up shipping so we marked a what we had listed for reprints. If you are missing an order or part of your order, then DM us on reddit with your order number so we...


  • Cash App/PayPal Delays 24.11.2020

    If you are paying with Cash App/PayPal during the week of 11/23-11/29, expect delays. These payments won't update as paid till after the Thanksgiving holiday week. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused. Zelle is another alternative that has no ...


  • Roll Call for Late Orders/Updates 18.11.2020

    Just went through all my messages that came in for me and found out there was a few missed orders from the last PVC batch. If your PVC order has been marked as shipped and has yet to come in please DM me your order # and I'll check. Just marked a bun...


  • News Update 28.10.2020

    Got a bunch of updates on orders: PVC, Teslin 1 & Teslin 2.


    Most of our PVC orders were held up over the last couple weeks due to a couple printer issues that kept reoccurring. Luckily we have a few but we lost one of them due to a mechanic...


  • Looking for Physical IDs 21.10.2020

    Looking for the following states: nAL, nGA, IN, MA, MI, nMO, NC, NY, nOH, SC, TN, RI, UT

    Offering free IDs or $$!

    Looking for the most recent versions of each state. We plan to eventually release all the above states domestically and want to ma...


  • Site Bugs Fixed/Shipping Update 20.10.2020

    The site bugs that we're preventing us from being able to work this past week were finally taken care of over the weekend. We've had limited access all week so we we're able to update some orders but more will be updating with tracking between tonigh...


  • Cant Check All Order Data 12.10.2020

    The reason why PMs/Chats/tickets have gone unanswered since last week is due to the site bugs we mentioned in our last post. Once we can view all of our order data we can answer everyones question. We're waiting on our dev to take care of the issue. ...


  • Couple Site Issues 09.10.2020

    Haven't forgot about you fam,

    We're dealing with a couple site bugs that are preventing us from marking some orders as paid & updating tracking/order statuses. If you just paid recently and it says pending, don't worry we see your payments, just n...


  • Shippiing & Subreddit Update 02.10.2020

    Hey fam,

    Orders have started to update with tracking on your account pages. Batches of orders are still being received by our reshippers and orders will continue to update with tracking over the weekend and next week. We expect to be all caught up...


  • Shipping Update :) 19.09.2020

    Just an update so you aren't left in the dark. Orders began shipping to our reshippers this week. We expect a lot to land this upcoming week. Tracking numbers should begin to post later this upcoming week.

    If you've been waiting 6 weeks or longer ...


  • Status Update On Orders :( 09.09.2020

    Was waiting on good news last week but unfortunately the packs we we're expecting to receive we're seized. You guys can check the news about this too, it's all over. There have been a lot of seizures recently and vendors like myself, FYD & a few othe...


  • Update & Offer For Our Delays 04.09.2020

    Before our last reddit account was suspended, we touched on why we can't be 100% transparent about our shipping publicly due to LE lurking on reddit looking for any tips to ID our packages. The post prior to that (linked on our site) detailed as to w...


  • New Reddit Account 02.09.2020

    Our 5 year old account was recently suspended. We have created a new one under the username u/evolvedidz

    Contact us only on that account to handle order related issues or questions :)


  • Recent Setback, Updates, Advice for Users 23.08.2020

    Hey fam,

    just wanted to give another update as to whats going on with late orders/orders taking longer than their avg turnaround time.

    This past weekend we noticed that a fair amount of orders that went out had no updates on tracking after awhi...


  • BACK 2 SCHOOL PROMO!!! 30% OFF 11.08.2020

    Tracking Updates

    Updated a lot of orders this past weekend so go check your order status to see if it updated with tracking. There are 24 orders that date from 6/28-7/9 that haven't been updated yet. Your orders should be included in the next trac...


  • Massive Shipping Update 31.07.2020

    Just updated a huge batch of orders with tracking. All owed Teslin 2 orders (ME/MO) have been updated with tracking under Teslin 1. Go check your account pages and check under Teslin 1 to see if your tracking posted!

    Thank you all for your patie...


  • PVC STATE FIRE SALE!!! 27.07.2020

    All PVC states have had prices cut in half. No need to get a group to get a cheap ID, PVC states starting at $40 each

    If you need a cheap ID to go to the liquor store/gas station then these are the best option on our site.

    2 IDs for $40 per pe...


  • Teslin 1 & 2 Order Updates 24.07.2020

    This is long overdue for some of you that ordered from us in June. If you have Teslin 1 IDs from your order that are stuck on RTPcomplete or you only received a portion of the Teslin 1 IDs then read on:

    The following states have been taking us a b...


  • Tracking Posted to Accounts 17.06.2020

    We updated a lot of Teslin 1 orders with tracking this week. Please be patient with USPS, they've been slower the last few months due to the pandemic.

    All current Teslin 2 orders will be shipped out this week. Anyone that's been missing IDs lately...


  • Turnaround Back to Normal 08.06.2020

    Turnaround times are back to their normal advertised times on the product page. Keep in mind USPS has been sporadic with shipping times since the onset of COVID-19.

    We've been getting packages out at our usual rate if not faster but USPS has been...


  • Cash App & PayPal NOW ACCEPTED! 08.06.2020

    Hate the hassle of BTC or going to WU/MG locations to buy our IDs?

    Well now you never have to leave your couch to order the best IDs on the internet! Now introducing Cash App & Paypal to our lineup of payment options making us the easiest site to ...


  • NEW STATES RELEASED 13.05.2020

    Head on over to our product page to check out the newest additions to our Fake ID lineup! We just added the following states to our product page: AL, FL, GA, NY, RI, UT, VA