• Status Update On Orders :( 09.09.2020

    Was waiting on good news last week but unfortunately the packs we we're expecting to receive we're seized. You guys can check the news about this too, it's all over. There have been a lot of seizures recently and vendors like myself, FYD & a few othe...


  • Update & Offer For Our Delays 05.09.2020

    Before our last reddit account was suspended, we touched on why we can't be 100% transparent about our shipping publicly due to LE lurking on reddit looking for any tips to ID our packages. The post prior to that (linked on our site) detailed as to w...


  • New Reddit Account 02.09.2020

    Our 5 year old account was recently suspended. We have created a new one under the username u/evolvedidz

    Contact us only on that account to handle order related issues or questions :)


  • Recent Setback, Updates, Advice for Users 23.08.2020

    Hey fam,

    just wanted to give another update as to whats going on with late orders/orders taking longer than their avg turnaround time.

    This past weekend we noticed that a fair amount of orders that went out had no updates on tracking after awhi...


  • BACK 2 SCHOOL PROMO!!! 30% OFF 11.08.2020

    Tracking Updates

    Updated a lot of orders this past weekend so go check your order status to see if it updated with tracking. There are 24 orders that date from 6/28-7/9 that haven't been updated yet. Your orders should be included in the next trac...


  • Massive Shipping Update 31.07.2020

    Just updated a huge batch of orders with tracking. All owed Teslin 2 orders (ME/MO) have been updated with tracking under Teslin 1. Go check your account pages and check under Teslin 1 to see if your tracking posted!

    Thank you all for your patie...


  • PVC STATE FIRE SALE!!! 27.07.2020

    All PVC states have had prices cut in half. No need to get a group to get a cheap ID, PVC states starting at $40 each

    If you need a cheap ID to go to the liquor store/gas station then these are the best option on our site.

    2 IDs for $40 per pe...


  • Teslin 1 & 2 Order Updates 24.07.2020

    This is long overdue for some of you that ordered from us in June. If you have Teslin 1 IDs from your order that are stuck on RTPcomplete or you only received a portion of the Teslin 1 IDs then read on:

    The following states have been taking us a b...


  • Tracking Posted to Accounts 17.06.2020

    We updated a lot of Teslin 1 orders with tracking this week. Please be patient with USPS, they've been slower the last few months due to the pandemic.

    All current Teslin 2 orders will be shipped out this week. Anyone that's been missing IDs lately...


  • Turnaround Back to Normal 08.06.2020

    Turnaround times are back to their normal advertised times on the product page. Keep in mind USPS has been sporadic with shipping times since the onset of COVID-19.

    We've been getting packages out at our usual rate if not faster but USPS has been...


  • Cash App & PayPal NOW ACCEPTED! 08.06.2020

    Hate the hassle of BTC or going to WU/MG locations to buy our IDs?

    Well now you never have to leave your couch to order the best IDs on the internet! Now introducing Cash App & Paypal to our lineup of payment options making us the easiest site to ...


  • NEW STATES RELEASED 13.05.2020

    Head on over to our product page to check out the newest additions to our Fake ID lineup! We just added the following states to our product page: AL, FL, GA, NY, RI, UT, VA